We provide medical consultation from Japanese physician

‘We will be with you anywhere.’

We provide medical consultation
from Japanese physician



What we do


‘We will be with you anywhere.’

This is our policy.

Medifellow enables direct access to an experienced Japanese physician. We willprovide you a superior web-based medical service from Japan to anywhere in the world.

Medifellow promises to deliver a high quality medical consultation to you.

About Service


  • Second opinion from a Japanese physician

     Second opinion involves consultation with a different doctor to your original consultation for an objective and alternative professional opinion and information. This may aid you in further understanding your treatment options. Our service provides second opinion consultation in Japanese from experienced Japanese physicians.
     When interacting in a foreign language, it can be difficult for the patient to properly understand the intention of their physician. Our service can help you to overcome this and properly understand your diagnosis and planned treatment.
     Our service involves a physician reviewing your current medical information and offering a written opinion. We ask you to upload a patient referral and your medical data, such as laboratory data and X-ray images, from your current doctor.

     If you wish to access hospital services in Japan, we can facilitate a referral to the right medical professional based on your medical situation.

    • 1

      *Upload your medical data (referral document, examination data, X-ray film etc)

    • 2

      experienced Japanese physician provide a second opinion

    • 3

      Japanese physician reply a second opinion in Japanese

    *referral document, examination data, X-ray film

  • Assistance for hospital access
     When you fall ill or are injured abroad, explaining your symptoms in another language can be difficult. Our services include a remote consultation in Japanese, from which the information obtained would be incorporated into a referral in English. This enables a correct selection of medical department of your local hospital with an accurate description of your symptoms contained in a referral letter.
    • 1

      Consult your symptom in Japanese

    • 2

      Our staff interview your symptom in detail

    • 3

      We provide referral letter in English

  • Health care support
     Changes in your living and workplace environment often involved in going abroad can result in stress and affect your mental and physical health. In such a situation, advice in your native language in a familiar style of delivery appropriate to your culture is invaluable.
     We incorporate this into our online health care support system including a counseling service.
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    • 2

      Occupational health physician, public health nurse and clinical phychologist respond to your consultation

    • 3

      We provide occupational health assisstance

Our Business


  • Healthcare support for Overseas Employees

     The health management of overseas employees tends to be neglected. Medifellow will provide the healthcare support for them and their family. HR department of global company is our client. Please contact us.

  • Medical tourism assistance service

     We provide web-based second opinion from Japanese doctors and Referral letter in Japanese. This service is useful before medical tourism from abroad.

  • Management consulting for hospitals and clinics

     For hospitals and clinics, our experienced staff provides effective management improvement and business consulting services by aligning the doctor's perspective with the economic perspective.

  • Research & Strategy

     With our experience, we can assist development and trade of new medical devices.
     Technical advice for your medical devices are provided by experienced doctors in Japan. Market research is based on bedside experience. Please contact us if you need real world market research in Japan.

  • Assistance for Clinical Trials

     We can provide assistance to the secretariat work for investigator's office.