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Medical Tourism


 Medifellow has established a policy as a company to tackle the increase in international medical patients (medical tourists) against the background of the high level of medical technology in Japan.

 On top of that, in light of the current situation where demand from Chinese people is increasing remarkably these days, I would like to first promote medical tourism for Chinese people and contribute to the increase in international tourism (inbound) demand in Japan. We are doing it.

About Service


 Medical tourism provided by Medifellow provides a second opinion in a document format with excellent speed and quality from top Japanese doctors.

 Please use it to judge whether treatment is possible when you travel to Japan, and to verify and review the treatment policy of your doctor in China.

How to Use

Usage Scene


  • Reference for the availability of treatment in Japan

     It may be difficult to treat in China...can I travel to Japan for treatment...?

     If this is the case, you can use our second opinion service.

     One of Japan's top doctors can comment on your current treatment plan and provide you with the standard of care in Japan. If you wish to be treated in Japan, we can refer you to a hospital or make a referral letter for an additional fee.

  • Verify the treatment policy of the local doctor
     I'm worried about the diagnosis and treatment plan given by the local doctor in China...

     You can also use our second opinion service.

     We can also provide a second opinion on the diagnosis and treatment policy given by your doctor in China, which does not presuppose that you will visit Japan for treatment. By providing a written response to the second opinion, it will help you to review the current treatment plan with your doctor and support you in receiving more optimal medical care.

How to Use


 Please contact us from here for application and questions.

※We do not support Chinese / Japanese interpretation / translation. Therefore, we provide services through an agency that mediates medical tourism. When using, we will introduce our affiliated distributors.