We provide medical consultation from Japanese physician

What we do


‘We will be with you anywhere.’

This is our policy.

Medifellow enables direct access to an experienced Japanese physician. We willprovide you a superior web-based medical service from Japan to anywhere in the world.

Medifellow promises to deliver a high quality medical consultation to you.

At our company

More than 140 doctors with specialized qualifications (below) belong to all departments in time zones around the world.
Orthopedic specialist, Dermatologist, Ophthalmologist, Obstetrician / Gynecologist,
Otorhinolaryngologist, Urologist, Plastic surgeon, General internal medicine specialist,
Surgeons, Diabetes specialists, Liver specialists, Infectious disease specialists, Emergency department specialists,
Hematologist, Cardiologist, Respiratory specialist, Gastroenterologist, Kidney specialist,
Pediatrician, Endocrinologist, Gastroenterologist, Dialysis specialist,
Rehabilitation specialist, Cardiovascular surgeon, Respiratory surgeon,
Gastroenterologist, Neurology specialist, Rheumatologist, Mammary gland specialist,
Clinical geneticist, Bronchoscopy specialist, Allergist, Tracheoesophageal specialist,
Cancer drug therapy specialist, Perinatal (newborn) specialist, Pediatric neurologist, Psychosomatic medicine specialist, Psychiatry specialist

Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare Notificationable Professional Qualification List Order
We are responding in accordance with the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare "Guidelines for Proper Implementation of Online Medical Care".

Our Business


Medifellow enables direct access to an experienced Japanese physician. We willprovide you a superior web-based medical service from Japan to anywhere in the world.


We are developing the following businesses centered on Doctorfellow.

  • Medical consultation services (corporate and individual)

    For corporate human resources and health management departments, the healthcare of expatriates is an area that is difficult to handle. As an individual, you may feel anxious about medical care in an unfamiliar overseas environment.
    Medifellow provides one-stop healthcare services for expatriates, their families, and Japanese living abroad. If you are a company aiming for health management or an individual who is worried about local medical care, please contact us.

  • Medical Tourism Support Business

    We provide web-based second opinions from Japanese doctors for those who wish to go on medical tourism from overseas to Japan.If you wish, we can provide referral letter for Japanese hospital when you come to Japan. Please make use of this service before actually conducting medical tourism into Japan.

  • Medical Consulting Business

    Our experienced staff provides hospitals and clinics with consulting services for effective management improvement and opening of clinics by matching the physician's perspective with the economic perspective. We also provide medical device development consulting services to companies that wish to develop new devices or import/export medical devices in Japan, based on our experience in the front line of medical care and device development. Please feel free to contact us for market research, technical consultation for devices, etc.

Corporate infomation

Company name
Medifellow Inc.
President and CEO
Takashi Niwa
Executive team
COO Udai Ikeda
CMO Erina Tabata
Established in
January 11, 2019
Head Office
Yoshikawa building F2, 2-10-2, Akasaka, Minato-ku,Tokyo, 107-0052, Japan